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Fair Trade (Friday) Greeting Cards

January 31, 2014

Here’s a little sample of the beautiful, fair trade greeting cards we carry from Sanctuary Spring. Our customers just love them! Not only because they’re so unique and adorable, but also because they support women who have escaped prostitution in the Philippines. The women handcraft the cards by actually layering handmade, recycled papers that are gorgeous textures and colors. (So they’re environmentally sustainable too!)

These women were originally forced into prostitution by others or because they had no other means of providing for their families. Now, with the help of local charities, they can forge a new beginning for their lives. Job options available to them are very limited, so Sanctuary Spring is a critical lifeline that provides safe, dignifying, and empowering work.

Happy Honeybees!

January 29, 2014

Wow! When we arrived the other morning we found our Matilija Poppy plants just swarming with honeybees! All the plants in our front garden are native California plants, which we’re especially glad about now that we’re in a drought. And we’re even happier that the plants are attracting the disappearing honeybees!